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Newsletter guidelines

Please find a category that suits your contribution:



  • Publicising an event (conference) for the events list (please mention: Name of event / organizer, date, place and website)
  • Introducing a book / article / report(web) for the literature list. About 3 lines, e.g. Balducci, C., & Fraccaroli, F. (2013). Comparison between mobbing at work and conditions of job strain and effort-reward imbalance in relation to stress-related disorders: a study in the public administration. Medicina Del Lavoro, 104, 44-54. (APA-style preferred).
  • Calls for submissions to conferences, events or books (200 - 350 words)
  • Reflecting on an event, article or book with content (200 - 700 words)
  • Providing an opinion piece / seeking discussion (200 - 700 words)
  • Sharing your experience about a subject (200 - 700 words)
  • Summary of what is happening in a SIG (200 - 700 words)
  • International co-operation and funding (200 - 350 words)
  • Who is ….? (max 700 words)

For material that does not fit any of the above categories, please first contact the editor (Note you can always post longer articles on any of the LinkedIn SIG discussion sites).


  • Write your piece in English in a way that it can be published. (If this proves difficult let the editor know, so we can find someone who can assist you).
  • In your writing, remember that our membership comprises scholars, practitioners and policymakers.
  • Explain abbreviations the first time you use them.
  • Use full sentences; don’t write in a staccato manner.
  • If you make a statement please give references to research or empirical evidence supporting your statement. If writing an academic piece it is expected that all appropriate references and citations are made. If you don't have a reference, please state that you are presenting your own opinion or experience. 
  • Submissions should not be commercial or advertorial in nature.
  • Give your piece a title that covers the subject dealt with.
  • You may use links to websites in your piece, but keep the number limited.
  • We would like to illustrate your contribution with a picture of you or of the subject (e.g. a photograph from a conference) as long as you obtain (or hold) the copyright. Please send the picture along with your contribution.
  • Please give your name, the name of your company / institution and country. Please also enter an email address for correspondence about the material presented.
  • The contribution must be your original material, and if material is presented from other authors it should be properly cited.
  • In sending in a contribution (including pictures and photographs) you warrant that it contains no violation of any existing copyright or other third party right.
  • Your piece must not contain any (personal) attacks.
  • Please note that sending a contribution does not automatically mean it will be published.  The editor retains the right to choose all content.


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