International Association on Workplace Bullying and Harassment

Emotions and Personality SIG

Convenor: Dr Donna-Louise McGrath

This SIG provides a forum to explore, share and deepen our understanding of the role of emotions and personality in workplace bullying. Within the same organisation, some people bully, yet others don’t. This SIG seeks to explore some possible explanations for this difference. In particular, a common theme in the bullying literature is that envy has frequently been identified by targets as a reason for being bullied. In such cases, targets of bullying may have some superior personal or professional quality. Narcissistic traits such as the perpetrator’s lack of empathy and grandiose yet fragile self view no doubt also plays some role in bullying. Yet most workplace bullying research is based on reports from the targets of workplace bullying, which means we have little first hand data about the personality traits, emotions and motivations of the perpetrators of workplace bullying. This perhaps raises questions about the future direction of workplace bullying research and whether the focus should move toward taking on the challenge of engaging the perpetrators of bullying.

Dr Donna-Louise McGrath


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