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Convenor: Evelyn Field                                                                 

Co-convenor: Pat Ferris

The major concern for therapists is to establish appropriate diagnoses and treatment for a person who is experiencing bullying at work (as a target, bully or both) or has been injured (often severely) and may have left the workplace for months, years or forever. There is a serious lack of evidence-based diagnoses and treatment which leads to major confusion between stress, trauma and depression. Consequently, many targets are injured first, by bullying, and second, by the substantial lack of professional and community understanding. The aim of the Therapist SIG is to establish international discussion and further research  to improve diagnostic and treatment models, especially the DSM process, and to improve training for therapists.

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Evelyn Field, FAPS, is a long time member of the IAWBH and has been part of the Therapist SIG since this group was developed. She has been the Convenor of the Therapist SIG for the last two years and has contributed significantly to understanding effective clinical treatment of targets of workplace bullying. She is a noted author and speaker in the field of workplace bullying. Evelyn was recently awarded the Order of Australia. The Therapist SIG and the IAWBH are deeply proud to have her as a member of our group and association. Congratulations Evelyn! 

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