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Eva Gemzøe Mikkelsen

University of Southern Denmark, Denmark


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Eva Gemzøe
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University of Southern Denmark, Denmark
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  • Bystanders and Organisational Influences SIG
  • Dynamics of Formal Knowledge, Power, and Professions SIG
  • Organisational Practitioners SIG
  • Risk Management SIG

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I am Associate professor in work and organizational psychology at the University of Southern Denmark. Prior to that I worked for many years as a consultant primarily specializing in the prevention and management of conflicts and bullying at work. My main research foci at the moment are bystanders to workplace bullying and intervention research in general. As a part of an ongoing research project, I have developed the bystander intervention “Intervene”, which I am currently evaluating. I have been member of the IAWBH Board since June 2018.

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