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Linda Crockett

The Canadian Institute of Workplace Bullying Resources


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The Canadian Institute of Workplace Bullying Resources
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An award winning resource in operation for 11 years and serving all industries with: consultations, leadership training, culture assessments, staff training, and investigations.

Linda Crockett is a consultant, coach, advocate, and trauma therapist specializing treatment for injured employees (targeted employees and bystanders). She also offers a unique combination of services for those identified in an investigation, as perpetrators of bullying.

Linda has been building awareness on workplace bullying using social media, and leading a workplace bullying awareness week each October (10 years). She is currently recruiting other countries to join turning this into a worldwide awareness event. In 2021 14 countries joined this event.

Linda has been heavily involved in lobbying for legislation and the Province of Alberta (Canada) and achieved this goal effective June 1, 2018. Effective January 1, 2021 we now have Federal Law in place for Federally employed Canadians.

Linda is now training contact professionals (human resources, investigators, safety officers, medical teams, insurance, and unions)on how to address those who are filing complaints, experiencing a psychological injury, and seeking support/guidance.

Linda is also training therapists and workplace coaches, on best practises to treat this complex injury.

A community of practice group for Canadians wishing to share resources, insights, research, identify gaps, receive peer support and more.

Canadian Group for Investigators: goal is to develop a regulatory body so that investigators are adequately trained, and held accountable.

On the Record Forum: video of survivors from all professions, sharing their stories, teaching survival and offering hope.


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