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Carlo Caponecchia

I’m interested in several aspects of workplace bullying research and practice, including measurement, conceptual issues, and interventions, though my overall approach to workplace bullying research is from the perspective of workplace health and safety. This approach views bullying as an occupational hazard that should be managed like other health and safety hazards. My training is in psychology, and my interest in bullying grew from my work in stress.


I co-authored the 2011 book “Preventing workplace bullying: An evidence based guide for managers and employees” with my colleague Dr Anne Wyatt (published by Routledge/Allen & Unwin), and convene the risk management special interest group within the IAWBH.


In the past few years, I’ve been advising government agencies on policy development regarding workplace bullying, as well as contributing to several inquiries into workplace bullying in Australia. In addition to research and research consultancy projects, I’ve been involved in designing workshops for senior staff and public agency decision makers.


I’m based in Sydney, and hope to add to the southern hemisphere perspectives on the board. I see my main potential contributions as being in encouraging debate and building critical mass; enhancing the role of SIGs to better inform the wider IAWBH membership on the perspectives and contributions of our interest groups, and helping the association grow and respond to the research and practice challenges facing our field.


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