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Purpose of the IAWBH 

(Excerpted from Minutes of Board Meeting, Oslo, 23 – 24 May 2015)

The IAWBH has been an Association since 2008. Over that time we have held several international conferences and there have been many thoughts on the direction that we should take. There have been occasions also when the Board has been asked to make public statements on various issues.

Just to reiterate:

The purpose of the IAWBH is to stimulate, generate, integrate and disseminate research and evidence based practice in the field of workplace bullying and harassment, and to promote fairness, justice and dignity at work for all.

We are not a certifying professional association. This means that we do not evaluate the work of our membership, or develop standards of practice, or subject membership to disciplinary action.  We are also not an advocacy group.  Because of the diversity of our membership across many languages, countries and cultures, it is unlikely we will ever be able to speak with a single voice. 

As such, it is not within our aims to comment on specific individuals, organisations or issues.

Therefore, should members consider that specific issues need comment, they are welcome to comment on their own behalf, but not on behalf of the Association or of an IAWBH SIG. 

Members are however welcome to raise issues within the LinkedIn forum or the IAWBH website which stimulates thoughts for debate and/or future research.

IAWBH Board 

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